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There is LOADS going on for postdocs and early career researchers, but it can be tricky to find! This site aims to collect all the useful information and keep it in one place. Please contact us if you think something is missing or you want to promote something of interest to postdocs in chemistry.

Chemistry Buddies!!

If you would like to sign up to have a Chemistry Buddy, would like more information about Chemistry Buddies or anything else to do with being a postdoc in the Chemistry Department, please email

Postdoc Newsletter

This newsletter is designed to recap postdoc meetings, ask for postdoc opinions and to let you know what is going on in the department and further afield. If you have any questions, ideas or comments, please get in touch,

MPLS Enterprise Fellowships for 2018-19

A new career & professional development opportunity is being made available to researchers within MPLS


This is a new opportunity to represent and liaise with MPLS research staff (research only contract) to provide
an evidence base for the enterprise training provision and support your fellow researchers.

Further information

Each MPLS Enterprise Fellow will receive an honorarium of £1000 which will be held in the department
to be used on their personal and professional development, such as conference travel expenses etc. etc.
A small resource fund to support engagement activity will also be made available to support the work.
This opportunity can be used as evidence of academic citizenship and networking in applications.

Time commitment:

The maximum time commitment is approximately 37hrs (roughly 5 working days per year).


To apply you need to be a post-doctoral researcher in the MPLS Division* who is employed on a short term research
contract during the year October 2018- October 2019.

To apply:

Send your CV and a 250 word statement of why you are interested in applying for this role and the particular
strengths and capabilities that you will bring to it, to:
Anne Miller, MPLS Enterprise Programme Manager  by 27th July at 5pm.

Interviews will be scheduled for August/September.

@OxfordOMGSS Inorganic Postdoc Poster Session

Early Career Funding Drop in Sessions

Thinking about applying for PostDoc or early career funding?

Not even sure where to start?

Come and chat to Research Facilitation. We will be holding drop in sessions on Monday mornings 10-11am in the Research Facilitation office (ICL, ground floor, behind reception) or get in touch:

Professional development

Here is a link to the career development review form. This is designed to give you an opportunity to reflect on your current work, and create and manage a development plan for the future.  This plan can be discussed with your supervisor and reviewed regularly.


A full list of courses offered by MPLS can be found in the training brochure.

These courses are focused on personal development and career development.

Oxford Research Staff Society events

Check out the OXRSS facebook page to keep up to date with events and socials.