Postdoc Portal

Department of Chemistry University of Oxford

There are a number of postdoc seminar series in the Chemistry department. These are run by and for postdocs.


Lecture series showcasing research on organometallic and main group chemistry - follow them on twitter @OxfordOMGSS

The first five talks for the Organometallic and Main Group Chemistry lecture series have been confirmed. The seminars will be given in the Wolfson Room on Wednesday afternoons, featuring both a talk of an invited speaker and an Oxford post-doc presenting their research. 

Thursday 29th June, 14:00-15.30 |  PTCL Lecture Theatre |  Organometallic and Main Group Seminar Series | Dr Annie Colebatch (University of Oxford)Rhodium-mediated B-H activation: isotopic labelling of boranes and dehydropolymerisation of amine-boranes” and Prof. Bill Tolman (University of Minnesota) “Copper(III) Complexes Relevant to Possible Enzyme Intermediates”

Solid State Seminar Series

The Solid State Seminar series is aimed at anyone with an interest in solid state materials chemistry, and consists of one talk by a DPhil student or Postdoc from the Department followed by another talk from an invited external speaker. It is a relatively informal Friday afternoon seminar where students and postdocs are encouraged to get involved in the discussion.

 Josh Makepeace and Emily Reynolds organise these seminars, feel free to contact them.