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Course Reviews

ECRs: How to write a fellowship application

This workshop was really helpful for anyone considering writing a fellowship application for grant funding or for individual fellowship applications. The session was very interactive, with exercises and feedback from other participants on writing and interview responses. For me the most helpful part was the talk given by a current fellowship holder, who was very open about his attempts, both successful and unsuccessful, at securing funding and reasons why his applications had or hadn’t succeeded.

-Annie Colebatch, Weller Group


So you want to be a PI?

Last year I attended the “So you want to be a PI” course run by MPLS for post-docs. This is a short course, lasting only a few hours, however I found it very beneficial, in particular the provision of attendees with criteria they should aim to fulfil during post-doctoral years if they wish to be successful in lectureship and fellowship applications and in turn running their own research group. A section of the course was also dedicated to peer review of CV’s from which I gained advice on improvements I could make and other tips on cover letters and interviews. The course also provided the opportunity to meet post-docs from other departments and so share solutions to problems that are common to all researchers at an early stage off their career.

-Tim Barendt