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Oxford Research Staff Society (OxRSS) is a collective voice for researchers employed by the University of Oxford. They also organise social and professional networking activities across departments and divisions.

Holly Reeve is the voice representative for the Chemistry department for both OxRSS and the MPLS research staff committee. 

Holly Reeve

       Vincent Group, Inorganic Chemistry
       ICL, T5
       Phone: 82600, e-mail:

The role of the research staff societies is to:

  • Ensure research staff are represented on appropriate committees and decision-making bodies across the University.
  • Provide an established community for researchers to make contacts beyond their departments and divisions, for professional and social purposes. The aim is to stimulate cross-fertilisation of ideas between disciplines, and provide an important source of advice and guidance for those new to the University, as well as those moving between positions within the University.
  • Provide a vehicle for engaging at a national level with relevant organisations, thus ensuring that research staff at Oxford have connections to a wider community and any opportunities that follow.

OxRSS Newletters

The OxRSS newsletters contain information about college membership, professional development and articles from researchers in the University.

2016: Vol3.1Vol3.2Vol3.3

2017: Vol4.1, Vol4.2


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