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The departmental safety page contains lots of useful information.

Each of the three chemistry sections has termly safety committee meetings, and each is attended by a postdoc rep. These reps will email around ahead of the meetings, but please contact them if there is anything you would like to be brought up at a committee meeting. The meeting minutes can be found on the website.

Organic Chemistry - James Frost, email:

Inorganic Chemistry - Simone Morra, email:

Physical and Theoretical Chemistry  - Todd Mize, email:

Other contacts

Dr Chris Blackwell, Area Safety Officer

To contact Chris, e-mail or call 72687. His office is F23a in the ICL near the chapel and abbots kitchen. Chris has overall safety responsibility across the Department and reports directly to the Head of Chemistry.

Dr Malcolm Stewart

To contact Malcolm, e-mail or call 75663 or 75926. Malcolm is the organic chemistry section safety officer and also manages the organic chemistry teaching labs and outreach activities.                          

Miss Debbie Palmer - Assistant Safety Officer

To contact Debbie, e-mail or call 75676. Debbie is the assistant safety officer and also works within the facilities team.  She can be found in the CRL,  lower ground floor facilities offices adjacent to stores.

Dr Zhihong Zhang - Biological Safety Officer

To contact Zhihong, e-mail or call 75631 or 75629. Zhihong is the departmental biological safety officer and works within Prof. Chris Schofield's group in LG2 on the lower ground floor of the CRL.